Tuesday, April 14, 2009

MTV Reality Bites

I just watched the series premiere of the MTV reality show "College Life," about four college freshmen who are taping their lives for the world to see. Here are my impressions, if you will, from the first episode:

One student said he wanted to make his mom proud by passing his classes with C's. Really? I mean, I know he's drinking away his brain cells (and vocabulary--every other word out of his mouth is bleeped) and wouldn't expect straight-A's from the guy, but seriously...excelling at mediocrity is not excelling. Mom, up your standards and hope your son does the same.

I'm so glad I never lived in a dorm. I'm an introvert to the core, and while I'm not a neat freak, I hate my clothes and stuff mixing with other people's. Peace, quiet, and sleep? I'm a huge fan of all three. I don't think I would have survived college in a dorm--at least not with any friends.

A girl got drunk and had a hissy-fit about something, probably a boy (I mean, what else do we get upset about?). The only thing humorous about it was that while in her inebriated stupor, she still remembered and used SAT words like "belligerent."

Quote of the night: "College is so not fun because you have to study, like, every five seconds." Did you just picture me rolling my eyes? Girlfriend, thank your lucky stars that you have the means and opportunities for such an education, study your butt off (it won't kill you--I promise), and take full advantage of everything that school has to offer.

Judging from the series trailer, it doesn't look like self-respect, education, and smart decision-making are high priorities for these students. But I'm probably not going to watch the rest of the show to find out.

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