Tuesday, November 27, 2007

My personal fashion consultants

I love TV. I don’t watch it much, so that’s probably why it’s so enjoyable. I especially love the TLC show “What Not to Wear.” The hosts, Stacy London and Clinton Kelly, are not only fashion-forward, but smart, witty, and hilarious. Basically, I want to be like them. Stacy double-majored at Vassar in philosophy and German studies. Clinton has degrees in communications and journalism, plus he’s adorable. They’re not just well-dressed, shallow airheads; they’re cultured, well-traveled, and articulate. And the people on the show…wow. As outrageous as their terrible fashion senses are, I always see bits of myself in them. All of these elements mesh together for some hilarious, and didactic, entertainment.

I really do credit this show with the evolution of my wardrobe. Although it is still changing for the better, my “look” has come a long way, and it took just a year of deliberate efforts (wearing a jacket instead of an old sweatshirt), some difficult subtractions (not buying band T-shirts at concerts), and important shopping decisions (red wool coat for fall, or houndstooth?). I am guilty of parading around in such fashion don'ts as Birkenstocks with socks, a blue shirt with a hippo on it that says 'hip' (a failing attempt to convey a message that I myself clearly could not), and giant boys' cargo skate shorts.

I had never seen myself as a sophisticated, put-together sort of girl, er, woman. But Stacy and Clinton have taught me a lot. Because of them, I trashed the pink corduroy skirt I bought at an H&M in Germany for $13 (someone actually wore the exact skirt on the show and it looked hideous…what was I thinking? I’ll tell you what I was thinking: ‘Oh, this skirt is only $13!’). I ditched the T-shirts that I used to wear in high school, the foam platform shoes, and (this is embarrassing) even a stretch tube top that I used to wear under OVERALLS in high school. It’s so true that the first step in improving one’s closet is getting rid of the stuff that no longer fits and is dated and worn out.

Stacy and Clinton have taught me which dresses flatter my figure, the way a purse can pull a whole outfit together, not to be afraid of heels (I actually successfully wore a pair this weekend!), and how to buy jeans that fit. Their simple rules really can make a noticeable difference in the way one dresses. Their most important tip? Fit is everything! Now, when I pick out an outfit, I usually ask myself “Would Clinton and Stacy approve?” They’ve convinced me to never go to the grocery store in pajama pants, not to buy sweaters that are too big for me just because they’re “comfortable,” and that flip-flops are never appropriate to wear to work.

I’m still working on that last one…

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Illegal? No. Stupid? Maybe...

My friends and I have had spats about the legality of two road rules--first, is changing lanes in an intersection legal, and second; is talking on a cell phone while driving legal? The answer to both is YES.
It is perfectly legal to change lanes in the middle of an intersection. There is no rule that outlaws this, although you may be ticketed under the blanket offense called an "unsafe lane change." Whatever. I'm okay with that.
It is also perfectly legal to talk on your cell phone while driving...for now, anyway. California is joining New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, and the District of Columbia in banning motorists from talking on phones (unless they use a headset or speakerphone), although the law won't take effect until July 1, 2008, to educate the public. (I couldn't find confirmation for this date...if anyone knows, let me know.)
You're welcome!!

Monday, November 19, 2007

LB and LB

She's so tiny!

Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce the cutest, sweetest baby in the world...Lucy Leigh Baker. Lucy was born on November 11, 2007 to Brad and Carrie. (Carrie, I'm glad you read my blog! You are one hot mama.) Many blessings to the Baker bunch!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The play's the thing!

I recently saw an amazing high school production of the classic Broadway musical Fiddler on the Roof. There was nary a flubbed line or misstep the entire night. It was a professional-level production. The main character, a milkman named Tevye, was played by a high school senior, and he spoke and sang with the voice of an aged Jewish man and even grew his beard out for the production. I was impressed by the quality and enthusiasm of this incredible show!

Fiddler is set in pre-Revolutionary Tsarist Russia and focuses on the life of Tevye and his family, and it gives us a glimpse into Jewish Eastern European life during a time of turmoil and unrest. Tevye tries to maintain family, cultural, and religious traditions while the world around him rapidly changes. The fiddler in the play, who is seen throughout the production but does not have any lines, is a metaphor for survival in a life of uncertainty. It is a poignant and funny show. Here are some of my favorite lines:

Tevye (opening lines of the play): A fiddler on the roof. Sounds crazy, no? But here, in our little village of Anatevka, you might say every one of us is a fiddler on the roof trying to scratch out a pleasant, simple tune without breaking his neck. It isn’t easy. You may ask ‘Why do we stay up there if it’s so dangerous?’ Well, we stay because Anatevka is our home. And how do we keep our balance? That I can tell you in one word: Tradition!

Perchik: Money is the world’s curse.
Tevye: May the Lord smite me with it. And may I never recover.

Tevye (to God): Sometimes I think, when it gets too quiet up there, you say to yourself, ‘What kind of mischief can I play on my friend Tevye?’

High school productions are so fun. It was great to see such a talented and lively cast of young people. I had seen Fiddler years ago but appreciated it so much more this time around. Next up for me is A Christmas Carol, an all-time favorite story. After that I’ll be rounding out the year with Jesus Christ Superstar, Jersey Boys, and the Radio City Christmas Spectacular starring the Rockettes. I can't wait!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Mmm...Halloween candy

Last night I brought a huge bag of leftover Halloween candy to my class, and everyone chowed down, especially my professor! It's funny how everyone has their favorite Halloween candies. My professor loves the Butterfingers and Almond Joys, which are my two least favorite. Here are my top five Halloween treats, in order:

1. The best way to eat a Reese's is by taking one cup, chomping it up in your mouth (try to keep it dry) and then pouring Coke in your mouth. It has to be Coca-Cola classic, not Pepsi. Not diet. And don't pretend you're grossed out right now and are too cool to try this. Just trust me.2. The only problem with eating bite-size Snickers is that you end up eating like five, which is probably more than a regular-sized bar. Yikes. I love the peanuts. 3. Three Musketeers used to be my favorite movie candy. Now Junior Mints are the movie candy of choice, but TM bars are still so great. I love the light and fluffy texture and that they're lower in fat than most candy bars.

4. This was the high-demand candy when I was in elementary school. If your mom packed a Twix bar in your lunch, you were cool. At least for the day. The only problem was that your friend would assume you'd share, since there are two bars. And really, who wants to do that??

5. Give me a break, give me a break, break me off a piece of that KIT KAT BAR!!

Friday, November 2, 2007


Why I think boba is lame:

1. “Boba” should only refer to Star Wars’s infamous villain, Boba Fett.

2. Pearls of any kind should never be in drinks. I am scared of choking on a tapioca ball…I mean you’re drinking and drinking and then without warning a giant slimy ball attacks your throat. Drinking boba is terrifying.

3. Those goofy straws kill me. Straws should not be that obnoxiously large.

4. A boba ball contains between 7 and 14 calories. A typical boba drink uses between 30 and 50 balls, so that means just the tapioca in a boba drink adds up to between 210 and 700 calories. So depending on the size, a boba drink contains between 400 and 1000 calories. I would much rather waste those calories on something truly awesome, like an Oreo milkshake from Ruby’s.

5. The names of boba drinks are weird. I do not want to eat (drink?) anything called snow bubble, barley milk tea, or green bean milk slush. That just does not scream “yummy!” to me.

6. Boba is so 2002.

Drinking boba is only acceptable under the following circumstances:

1. You are under 18 years of age.
2. You are Asian. (It originated in Taiwan.)

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Birthday

My friend Lauren and her mom, Barb, are a force to be reckoned with when it comes to throwing birthday bashes. This blog is totally after the fact, since Lauren's birthday was two months ago, but I want to take the time to applaud her and her mom for the creative themes and awesome times they are responsible for. Lauren's past birthday parties have included stays at the Disneyland Hotel and Disney's Grand Californian Hotel, trips to Disneyland, a limo ride to Hollywood, dessert at the Hard Rock Cafe at Universal City Walk, dinner and shopping at Downtown Disney (she is a Disney freak if you didn't already gather that), beading bracelets at The Bead Station, seeing Wicked, and tons of other fun events.

This year, Lauren's party was an interesting theme: sports! I am not a big sports girl. My interest in sports is pretty much limited to swimming, which only gets national attention every four years during the Olympics; Bend it Like Beckham, Anaheim Angels home games, and Shaun White's awesome hair. That being said, this was one enjoyable sports-themed evening. Lauren even had her own birthday cheerleader, a claim I will probably never be able to make. Here are some pics from the night:

Here's the birthday girl herself, me, and Kristen, the birthday cheerleader.

2.36 = amount of my patience (in seconds), when it comes to intricately decorating food. Good job, Barb.

You had to dress as an athelete, of course. I was a swimmer and Jon was a hockey player.

I have never seen football chocolate before. But...I never looked for it, either.

Dressing up for this party was awesome; workout pants and an old El Toro Swimming t-shirt. So comfy!

Treat bags. Because you're never too old.

One of my best pals, Hayley. She's actually a legit sports fan.

Wishing for...UCLA to go all the way this year??

I made them happen. Well, I take some credit, anyway...

One cute football player.

A golfer and a British soccer player = a match made in ESPN...


Lauren, I'm eagerly anticipating your next themed party. Until then, enjoy your 24th year!