Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ten Things I Love To Do

Get real mail--notes, postcards, letters. And I love writing them. I've been writing to pen pals and relatives for as long as I can remember. When I was a kid, I loved writing addresses on envelopes and using stickers and stamps. The whole process of mailing and receiving letters fascinated me.

Make people laugh. Especially people who I think are funny. If you can make someone like David Hughes laugh, then your humor has just been validated and you are unquestionably funny.

Wrap presents. Unfortunately, I'm not a stellar gift-giver and usually give gift cards, but I totally love wrapping presents...I'm like the Eminem of wrapping...

Pack for trips. I always type up a list and am super organized when I pack. And I never forget to bring anything on trips!

Write checks. I'm not a fan of paying bills, but I love writing checks, especially writing out the dollar amount. It makes me feel grown-up.

Pick people up from and drop them off at the airport. (Assuming it's John Wayne, of course.) If I really like you, you might even get candy, Starbucks, or a flower...

Get dressed up for something special, like a play. It's fun to feel fancy once in a while.

Go to dinner with just a friend or two. I am not a fan of dinner with huge parties. It's overwhelming, conversation suffers, and I hate splitting checks. But dinner with just a few friends is perfect.

Light a candle when I read. It makes me feel old-fashioned, and kind of classy, too.

Roll change. My parents have a change bucket and I count and roll all of their change when it's full; it's usually around a thousand dollars! I also love paying with exact change, even if it takes me five minutes to fish it out of my coin purse.

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David Hughes said...

haha...thanks for the shoutout lisa ;)

i like many of these things as well...and you should know that Cami and I had a conversation about you at Cal State Fullerton University's a college, you've probably heard of it...

anyway...that is all.