Sunday, January 11, 2009

OMG, 24's on Tonight! (Oh, Wait...I Don't Care.)

I used to think I had a handle on pop culture, but as I’ve been reading more blogs and having more conversations about entertainment-related issues with people, I’ve come to discover that I’m just not hip to the scene anymore. (Well, besides the tween girl scene…I can totally hold my own in a conversation about the Jonas Brothers, Twilight, or High School Musical…) I especially lack a general knowledge of television shows. Here's some proof...I have seen:

2 episodes of FRIENDS, ever. On trans-Atlantic flights.

Maybe 5 episodes of The Office.

2 episodes of 24. I thought they were completely forgettable.

1 episode of 30 Rock.

I wasn't even aware of my ignorance of pop culture until I looked at others around me and realized how cool, smart, funny, and culturally relevant they are. Many of them work in ministry or with young people; they’re connected, they know what’s up, and they dictate what’s cool. Sure, when I was younger, I was the pop culture guru in my geometry class and my Girl Scout troop, and I could definitely tell you what was going on…but now, I am never asked questions about pop culture, and definitely couldn't contribute to a conversation about most television shows.

And even though I am usually out and about in the evenings, TV-on-DVD has now voided my excuse of, “I’m not home on Thursdays, so I can’t watch The Office.” I can watch whatever show I want, any time. Is there any excuse for not watching How I Met Your Mother, Mad Men, Dexter, Gossip Girl, House, Pushing Daisies, or any other incredible show that dominates the water cooler chatter these days?

All this to be said, I think I actually want to watch some more TV this year. I’m sure this is the opposite goal of many couch potatoes of 2008. But what a book-lover like me has in common with a TV junkie is that we love a good story. A good story…told well. Like LOST, for example...the only show that I do watch. And I know there are some other shows out there…some that are worth my time.

If anyone has any of the above shows on DVD, would you help a television-watching-challenged girl out? (Except 24…I really don’t care about that one.)


Alli Hibb said...

I don't think you understand what you just asked for.

I have almost everything worth watching...

So, the question is: where to begin?

Alli Hibb said...
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Amy Baker said...

Pshh... i must be in the tween zone too! BSB and Twilight anyday.. lol. I am season two of Lost... so yeah.. I am a little behind myself.. ;) I love you my tween buddy! :)

Julie Hibbard said...

I'm with you on TV. Always have been really. Give me a good book or a good movie any time.
No, keep those and just give me a baseball game.
On someone's recommendation I'll start watching a show and think, "Crap, I have enough of my own issues, I don't need to watch this!"
I will say that my TV loving daughter got me hooked on Gray's Anatomy and now, Gilmore Girls. Oh, and I love Will and Grace.
But I think I have seen maybe five episodes of Friends. Allison knows each episode by heart. No exaggeration!

ambrosia said...

Pushing Daisies... was canceled. So... If you want a great, tragic, clever and totally unrealistic fairytale, go ahead and start it... but you might be totally devastated (as I was) when you get to the "end" and there is absolutely NO closure...

I still can't believe you don't watch Friends... Really, Lisa? Are we friends?

sunshine said...

im so glad we are friends.