Friday, November 14, 2008

The Week in Pictures:

On Monday Jaime, Brian, Bekah, and I trekked to Garden Grove to the nearest Red Lobster for Shrimpfest. I was a bit nervous about this excursion since I am new to the shrimp-eating world (I'd only really had shrimp twice before, at PF Chang's and Boneheads), but we had a blast and ate a whole lot of shrimp (and cheddar biscuits!).

The coconut shrimp was my favorite.

Jaime and Brian wore the EXACT same thing...and I doubt it wasn't planned. I mean, I could understand two people wearing black shirts or something, but yellow shirts with navy blue v-neck sweaters? Darling.

Also this week, I met my new friend, Mac McGill. Mac is a giant baby, weighing almost eleven pounds. I could barely hold him he was so heavy. He's also very hairy. Mac is SUPER cute and I'm so excited for the McGills!

This week, I fell down the stairs in my house. I don't know how well you can see the gnarly bruise on my left arm, but yeah...let's just say if I was eighty years old I'd be having hip replacement surgery right about now.

OH, and in case you didn't hear about it this week, Jim Sonnenburg has a girlfriend. Yay!!
Have a great weekend, everyone!


Jessica Jenkins said...

Awesome... and if I were Kelly, I would have died a little bit inside when I saw that sign. Hilarious for Jim... not so much for Kelly. But that's just me...

Megan said...


luke&danielle said...

okay, i just started laughing crying at the billboard saying "Jim has a girlfriend" I knew exactly which Jim they were talking about. (Not laughing because Jim has a girlfriend, but because who put that up there?!?)
p.s. my punctuation is a little sloppy, I am not as anal as I once was.