Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Things that Make Me Feel Stupid

Not knowing how to pronounce a word that I understand and have read a hundred times but have never heard pronounced aloud.

Strategy games, like chess, most card games, and Settlers of Catan.

Almost every computer-related or car-related problem.

Trying to text message with T9. I just don't get it.


Mama Oasis said...

I understand about the angst that comes with not knowing how to pronounce a word....

For me it is FRENCH words. I am fluent in Spanish and coming right along with my Swahili. French however is a mystery to me.

I was in Sur la Table (which is pronounced Sir La Tawb) the other day looking at Le Creuset Pots...these really great, heavy glazed cast-iron cooking pots that every really serious cook covets. I didn't see the color I wanted (a nice neutral off-white) and so I had to ask. I mentally waffled...."Is is Lay Crew-say or is it Lay Crew-set?" Well, I wound up with something like "Lay Crus-mumble-mumble". Mortifying!

By the way...the saleslady made a big point of saying "Oh...you mean the Lay Crew-say pots?" Well, at least I know NOW!

So...I guess I want to let you know that it never gets better no matter how old you get.....

The Bakers said...

Oh, Settlers of Catan. Next time, you will have to be your own player the whole game and then it will be better. :) You weren't fully in the game which doesn't lend towards understanding. We learn to do by doing. :) WE LOVE LISA B!

Julie Hibbard said...

1. That happens to me A LOT!! Strategy is one of those words!!
2. I can teach you chess and most card games. I think it's probably lack of interest more than being stupid.
3. A. Buy a Mac. B. Hire someone.
4. I've seen your phone. It's not you. Please upgrade from the 1985 model and it will be SO much easier! :)