Monday, November 24, 2008

A Great Title

On Saturday I went to the bookstore to browse through the Fiction and Literature section and write down books that looked interesting to read. Losing myself in a bookstore on a Saturday afternoon was so fun, except when I spilled chai and ice all over one of the aisles. I found some great books that I otherwise might have never heard about.

I love Jack Kerouac and would be up for reading any of his books, but the title of this book stood out right away. Apparently there was a fire at a zoo or circus and a news broadcaster said the line, "...and the hippos were boiled in their tanks." Poor guys...but great title.

The book, in fact, is not about boiled hippos. It's about a friend of both authors who murdered a man he was obsessed with and then dumped the body in the Hudson River. He then told Kerouac and Burroughs about the crime, but they didn't say anything to the police. When the murderer turned himself in, Kerouac and Burroughs were arrested as accessories after the fact. This book is a work of fiction based on their friend.

I mean, come on...sounds fascinating, right?!


Jessica Jenkins said...

We went to the Barnes and Noble at Fasion Island yesterday (I love that store). I was walking through an aisle of books with people quietly sitting on their spots of floor intent on getting a good read. Here comes me, and I got the hiccups. I have NO clue what brought them on... but it was embarrassing. So there you go, maybe a notch or two lower than your ice and chai catastrophe, but you can feel a little better now.

Julie Hibbard said...

So did it really happen or not??
I LOVE the new look of your blog!!

Lisa Marie said...

Oh yes it really did happen. Kerouac even spent time in jail for it because his family wouldn't bail him out! (The book is considered fiction though, since it's based on their friend.) Love you Julie.