Friday, November 28, 2008

It was a very good year...

Last week while Nicole and I were at lunch, she asked me what I want to accomplish next year. What a great and important question, and I can't tell you how much I love that she asked me that. It just reminded me of what a focused person she is; I know she knows exactly what she wants to do next year, and that she'll do it! Yet, it was a question I hadn't given much thought to. Now that the wheels are turning, here are some things I want to do next year:


Spend less money (read: go out to eat less!).

Watch every movie on the AFI Top 100 list. (I'm about 60% there, without effort.)

Swim and run more (And by "run more" I mean "run").

Compete in a few swim meets.

Improve my tennis game. (Is this possible? I really am that bad.)

Read more. I hate putting a number on this, but I want to read around thirty novels next year. I usually read around twenty.

Write more-blogging and journaling.

Do more things involving art history-writing, studying, visiting more museums; it's one of my biggest passions and needs to be cultivated more.

Go to San Francisco. It's been a few years and it's one of my favorite cities.

Go to New York City.

Go on a PEACE trip.

Go to a Padres game (never been).


Help ten girls start flourishing small groups.

Equip and empower adult mentors for Crave and get college students connected with great mentors.

Support those who will be involved with Crave's discipleship program, and complete it myself!

Do whatever I can to create a tight-knit community of women at Crave.

Empower and encourage our Crave leaders and volunteers and grow our volunteer team.

On New Year's Eve, I used to get a little depressed; I'd always look back and dwell on things that I did wrong, the times I messed up, the relationships that were strained, the things I didn't accomplish, or the expectations that I put on God that were not met. In the last few years, my attitude has changed and I've decided to look ahead; I think, "This next year is going to be the best year ever." And it always 25th year rocked--God answered several specific prayers, I got an awesome new job, went to London, made new friends, took some risks, learned and grew and trusted...

I'm excited about 2009. It's going to be a great year...the best yet.


Julie Hibbard said...

LET'S PLAY TENNIS!!!! I love tennis!! And I think I am as good as you are! We will do a lot of running, for sure! You are great! Wonderful list...
Life is good and you are so right, the best IS yet to come!!!!

Mama Oasis said...

...come to Kenya!!!! A beautiful place for a PEACE trip!!!

ambrosia said...

1) Come running with me!!
2) Let's go to San Francisco! My grandma lives there and it would be so fun to take a road trip!!!
3) When's LACMA?