Monday, June 16, 2008

A Day Late...

Me and my dad (and my cow, Clarence) at Rialto Beach, Washington, circa 1992.

In honor of Father's Day, which I know was yesterday, here are a few facts about my dad.

1. His name is Ulrich Hans but he's just called Rick, or Dad. He was born in Ulm, Germany; incidentally, Ulm is also the birthplace of Albert Einstein.

2. He loves fishing and always has better luck when I'm with him. Maybe it's just because you're bound to catch more fish when you have more poles. Whatever.

3. He makes a dang fine breakfast burrito and is our resident chef on Sunday mornings for family breakfast.

4. He loves reading and prefers nonfiction adventure books.

5. He totally loves trying out hole-in-the-wall Mexican food restaurants. (I definitely did not inherit his sense of culinary adventure. My palate is as sophisticated as a ten-year-old's.)


I love you, Dad!

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