Wednesday, June 11, 2008

It Never Gets Old...

I just spent the last day and a half at Disneyland...and I am beat! But I had so much fun...

On Monday night, Riley and I went to a special sneak peek of the new ride at California Adventure, called Toy Story Mania! (It pays to be an annual passholder!) The ride opens next Tuesday. It's a 4D ride where you have to shoot targets as you play different carnival-style games, and it's SUPER fun...I like it so much better than the Astro Blasters. There's no other ride like it!
Gotta get a goofy glasses pic...

Guess who player 1 was?! OH YEAH...that'd be ME!

Woody and Riley are twins! Seriously, look at those smiles...they're identical!
We thought we would end our visit with Splash the front seats. Not the smartest move we've ever made, but so fun.

Then yesterday, Tina, Sonja, and I took the two oldest Coates girls to Disneyland. We had a blast hanging out with Ella, 5, and Karis, 4. I think the highlights for them were cotton candy, ice cream, and the Parade of Dreams and Play Parade. The highlight for me was that Prince Caspian opened the Parade of Dreams!

Minnie Mouse met Ella!

These princesses are so stinkin cute!!

I really love Disneyland. When we saw the Disney princesses yesterday I actually got teary-eyed, and I think I was more excited than the girls to meet Mickey Mouse! I do realize how dorky that might be, but I honestly hope I never lose that childlike excitement. I still am always in awe watching the parades, meeting characters, and seeing fireworks. Disneyland really is a magical place!

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