Monday, January 7, 2008

Just watching them made me tired...

Almost there!!

Definitely the best looking runners of the bunch.

This past weekend, two of my best pals, Megan and Riley, ran a half marathon! They ran about 13.5 miles in a little over two hours yesterday morning. Most of our small group was at the finish line cheering for them. We saw little kids and 80-year-olds, mentally-disabled runners, mothers and daughters, even a couple of arm cyclists. It was an amazing experience hanging out at the finish line. It was the first time I was exposed to the hardcore world of long-distance running. These people do not mess around! One guy had a belt of equipment on (Band-Aids? Power Gel? I'm not sure.), another wore a cape, and several looked like they were about to keel over and die.

13.5 miles! I don't think that I've run that much in my entire life! I'll run if I'm being chased by a dog or a psycho with a knife, but other than that, I'm pretty good with walking. Running 13.5 miles is completely beyond my realm of thought, but Megs and Ri have inspired me to give running another shot this year. (Please note that this enthusiasm is probably more related to being excited for my friends and not so much to start doing something not fun, that I suck at, that makes me sweat, and that I generally abhor. This enthusiasm is subject to change at any time, and probably will in a few days.)

Not to sound like a mom or anything, but I am so proud of my friends. It took an incredible amount of dedication to train for this race. They ran for over five months to get in shape for this thing! What an incredible accomplishment!! Love you guys!!


megscarson said...

Thanks Lisa! I can't tell you how great it was to see your smiling face waiting for us at the finish line!

SANNIE said...

My sis and her boyfriend were there!