Friday, January 11, 2008

Pet Peeves

Yes, we all hate when we lean over the bathroom counter and the fronts of our shirts get soaking wet. None of us appreciates a loud talker at the movies. Those are not pet peeves. Here’s the thing about a truly good list of pet peeves—they’ve got to be personal and random.

That being said, here are some things that totally annoy me:

The meaningless extra four digits that are sometimes added to zip codes. Do we need to complicate life more, or what? To quote Riley, "they're, like, negative-useful."

When I lose the covers from my iPods' earbuds. Seriously annoying.


When people come up behind me, cover my eyes, and say, "Guess who?!" Ugh. Get your dirty germ hands off my face.

Wearing jeans to the theater. Totally unacceptable, even for matinees. (I'm talking about plays/musicals.)

Children recording answering machines.

When DVDs automatically have English!

Please take note!!


kyle. said...

those last four digits on the zip code make for faster mail delivery if you live in a highly populated zip code. my zip code is 92692-1003 and i didn't even have to look it up.

Lisa Marie said...
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David Hughes said...

i think that one of my pet peeves is people who bother trying to use their little covers for their ipod ear buds...clearly you are going to lose them, so you might as well just embrace the plastic....

Lisa Marie said...

Sorry Dave...I'm type A like that. What can I say? =)

Andrew said...

I was gonna say what kyle said. I like those little numbers. My carrier route is 2343!