Friday, January 4, 2008

Kindred Spirits

Jeananne Metskas and I have been friends for three or four years now. We met at a Crave event after church one Sunday and talked about Europe the whole night! There was an instant connection between us. We had heard about each other for a while, but didn't meet for months! What happened was the Crave pastor at the time kept mixing us up. Every time he and I talked, he’d ask, “Didn’t we have this conversation already? You must have a twin at Crave!” Turned out, he thought I was Jeananne! Even now, we are often mistaken for sisters.
Jeananne worked so hard through college, transferred to NYU to finish her degree, and even lived in Florence for a semester! Since graduating from NYU, she's continued living in New York City so I don’t see her much these days. I was able to meet up with her on an east coast trip last March and it was so much fun hanging out in New York together. I only saw her three times last year, but whenever we reunite I’m reminded of how much fun she is to hang out with! I don’t think I laugh with anyone as much as I do with Jeananne. We have a way of nonverbally communicating to each other by giving each other weird looks. We both love Coldplay, Europe, art, and the Coach store! Jeananne is a friend who will challenge me and encourage me. Whether it’s getting lost in downtown Santa Ana at night, grabbing dinner at the Gypsy Den, eating Magnolia cupcakes in New York City, or sipping chai in Laguna, I always cherish time with my precious friend.

I miss you, Jeananne!

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The Bakers said...

I must say that you look quite beautiful in these photos!! By the way, this is the "Carrie" part of Brad and Carrie. :)