Friday, November 2, 2007


Why I think boba is lame:

1. “Boba” should only refer to Star Wars’s infamous villain, Boba Fett.

2. Pearls of any kind should never be in drinks. I am scared of choking on a tapioca ball…I mean you’re drinking and drinking and then without warning a giant slimy ball attacks your throat. Drinking boba is terrifying.

3. Those goofy straws kill me. Straws should not be that obnoxiously large.

4. A boba ball contains between 7 and 14 calories. A typical boba drink uses between 30 and 50 balls, so that means just the tapioca in a boba drink adds up to between 210 and 700 calories. So depending on the size, a boba drink contains between 400 and 1000 calories. I would much rather waste those calories on something truly awesome, like an Oreo milkshake from Ruby’s.

5. The names of boba drinks are weird. I do not want to eat (drink?) anything called snow bubble, barley milk tea, or green bean milk slush. That just does not scream “yummy!” to me.

6. Boba is so 2002.

Drinking boba is only acceptable under the following circumstances:

1. You are under 18 years of age.
2. You are Asian. (It originated in Taiwan.)


TiNA said...

Hey... I had a green tea milk slush boba and it was GREAT!! Whatever Boba-hater!! I love it and that is what makes me me!

Lisa Marie said...

I love that you love boba, Tina, and whenever we drive home from Disneyland I will take you to Lollicup =) But then I will drag you to Diedrich's, too. =)

TiNA said...

(If you don't want to know the answer - and you probably do not - skip this bit: Cupcakes, with their heaps of icing, often have more calories than a slice of cake. Grove says they can range from 250 to 1,000 calories. Each.)
I was looking it up... and a sprinkles cupcake can range between 250 to 1000 calories... you can have your cupcake... I'll have my boba :)

TiNA said...

Oh... forgot... I totally agree with #1 though!

E.Money said...

Boba is super nasty!!!!!!!!!!!! BLECH!!!

E.Money said...

oh and cupcakes are worth every delicious calorie.

Cami said...

Hahaha. I love boba, but this post made me laugh a lot. :)

ARRR said...

barley milk tea is one of my favorites!!...and i get it with EXTRA boba! yummy yummy!!