Monday, February 13, 2012

30 For 30 Remix, Day 16: A Bib for Dinner

Boots: Target, denim: J Brand, top: The Limited, bag: LV, blazer and earrings: Nordstrom, bib necklace: LOFT, bracelet: Tiffany & Co.

First, my apologies for the poor quality of these photos. They were taken at the end of the night and inside my house, obvi. The necklace especially did not photograph well. It actually looks like this. This outfit was way cuter in person. Just trust me.

So, the necklace...let's talk about it. It's definitely a statement piece. When I wear it in my car on a sunny day, it paints rainbows on the ceiling, which is pretty fun. But seriously, it's great for this remix because it transforms the look of this striped top, which I wore on day 1 of the remix. People have asked me if it's really a necklace or just part of the shirt I'm wearing. It's a silly little thing, always trying to keep people guessing...

A bib necklace is a super easy way to change the look of tops, with or without a collar. (I'm obsessed with this one from Stella & pretty and delicate. Oh, and $200. Lame.) I want to pair it with a plaid shirt next time I wear it. I got it on sale for about $20 a million years ago at the LOFT. It was a fun way to add a little sparkle to my otherwise basic outfit for dinner.

Just don't get any food on this kind of bib. That'd be kind of gross...

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