Thursday, January 12, 2012

30 For 30 Remix, Day 9: Need...Caffeine...

Denim: J Brand, shirt: Forever 21, sweater: The Limited, bag: Old Navy, boots: Target, shades: Urban Outfitters, necklace and bracelets: Forever 21, ring: The Limited, scarf: Forever 21.

For those of us who daily frequent coffee establishments, rush hour does not refer to the traffic on the roads, but to the line at Starbucks. This morning, during rush hour, I accidentally toppled an iced drink over in front of the bar where everyone picks up their drinks. Gasps were cried in unison. Ice cubes were flying. Chaos ensued. I instantly ruined everyone’s morning. It was terrible.

Okay, it really wasn’t that bad. It’s actually been a great day, but one entirely fueled by caffeine. I’m actually hitting a lull right now and am in desperate need of another iced latte, which I’ll get as soon as I’m done typing this post.

So, today’s outfit. It’s pretty basic and pretty typical of my style—a layered shirt (cuffed), jeans, and pearls. I love sprucing up basic outfits with accessories, and there’s no better place for cheap, cute stuff than Forever 21. Don’t let the horrible dance music or masses of middle school girls fool you—there’s actually legitimately stylish stuff in Forever 21. If you’re looking to update your look on a budget, accessories are the way to do it…bags, scarves, jewelry, even hats, if you can pull them off…

And there you go. Time for Starbucks! I’ll be extra careful this time around not to throw my drink on the ground.

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LuckyBezel said...

You look good in red. Have any outfits in red?