Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Painted Lady

Today I got a spray tan. I know...who am I?

Let me explain: My pasty German-Irish skin cooks in the sun like bacon fat in a frying pan. Because of this, I eschew sunlight like a Twilight vampire and have the pallor of a corpse.

I'll also be a bridesmaid for the first time on Friday--which means a LOT of photos. Blonde hair...black dress...and the complexion of a ghost? I don't think so. And since I'm psychologically incapable of being okay with exposing my skin to UV rays in a coffin-shaped tanning bed, a spray tan was really my only option.

The "tanning" process was a bit intimidating. I went to the salon where I get my hair done and was led to the secret back room (!!!) with the hidden shower. I'm not going to lie...it was dark and weird in the small room, which didn't create a super ambiance for the twenty-minute process of being sprayed down with COLD, wet, smelly bronzer.

But...creepy shower and awkward process aside, it's worth it. You probably won't even be able to notice that I got a spray tan. I don't resemble any electric orange people from the Jersey Shore or anything. I just look...normal. Healthy. Nice.

So bring on the wedding photographers. I'm ready for my close-up!


kylie said...

YAY! Proud of you!!! :D

kylie said...

Utah....you, ana and I are having a hair party where she'll curl our hair all pretty.

Julie Hibbard said...

Where? How much? I want to go. My legs are translucent white!!