Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Most Wanted Teenager in America

No, this isn’t about Justin Bieber. I’m talking about Colton Harris-Moore, a 19-year-old kid from Washington who has broken into nearly 100 homes throughout the Pacific Northwest…and is giving the FBI quite a headache. Think Frank Abagnale Jr.--the young crook who inspired the film “Catch Me if You Can”--but in 2010.

I first heard about this kid because he’s actually targeting my neighbors’ daughter and son-in-law! They live on Orcas Island in Washington, and Colton has broken into their house and stolen their food, cars, and even one of their planes. Sometimes he’ll break into a house just to eat some dessert or take a bubble bath. He’ll write taunting notes to the police and has also broken into a deputy’s car and stolen a rifle. T-shirts, a 20,000-fan facebook page, and now a four-page article in Maxim are turning this delinquent into a hero; his “fans” affectionately call him the “Barefoot Burglar,” because he once kicked off his shoes as he was being chased into the woods.

Frank Abagnale had a lucrative career with the FBI after he was caught and served about a four year sentence in American prison, but I’m not sure that Colton will meet the same benign fate. I guess we’ll see when…or if…he gets caught.

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Erin Brady said...

That's so funny because the minute I saw the blog title, I was like "Justin Biebs?" Ha ha. That's craziness.