Monday, January 4, 2010

Greyt TV

It wasn't long ago that I was unable to hold my own in a conversation about any currently popular television shows. My water cooler chatter was mostly about, well, why there was no ice in the soda machine. But in 2009, that changed. In fact, I’ll be the first to admit that one of the reasons I didn’t read as much last year was because I got caught up in some really great TV shows. And the one that I loved most was Grey’s Anatomy.

Now, if you don't watch TV, that's fine; I know there are legitimate reasons for it. (I once gave lame excuses myself.) But let me tell those of you who say with that Air of Snobbery that you “don’t watch TV,” or even better, that you “don’t have time to watch TV,” as though you live a more meaningful, busy, and important life than the rest of us—you’re totally missing out. Many fellow bibliophiles deliberately try to distance themselves from the Common Man's form of entertainment--the boob tube--but I can tell you with confidence, kindred spirits, that if you like reading, you’ll like some TV. Although soaps and sitcoms will never replace our first love--literature--there are plenty of amazing shows out there that provide what we're looking for in books—adventure, drama, wit, history, romance, heroes and heroines, humor, mystery, intrigue, escape, and of course, hot doctors with incredible hair. A great TV show includes a compelling narrative with dynamic characters that’s told in a unique, captivating, entertaining way. Like Grey’s Anatomy.

I can watch episode after episode of this show (which I am not necessarily saying is a healthy lifestyle choice). I love the characters and could talk about any of them like I know them in real life. I almost feel like they really are my friends. (We’ve been through so much together, after all.) And the patients—I mourn their deaths almost as though they’re real people...people I knew. I cry with them as they beat cancer or get transplants. I’m scared for them as they discover that a tumor has spread or they receive a scary diagnosis.

And then I laugh at myself for watching TV for hours, often wrapped in a pink snuggie, free-flowing tears streaming down my face, completely distraught and consumed after each episode. The drama, heartbreak, humor, and characters captivate me...every time.

And now that I have a Netflix subscription, I can discover even more shows in 2010...any suggestions?

Where's the remote?!


Julie Hibbard said...

Oh man...
I really don't watch much TV, but once I start a series on DVD-GET OUT OF MY WAY! Allison gave me season one of Gray's a couple years ago and I remember watching that first episode. Then the next...then it was, "just one more" before bed..." and, 'ok, one more!"
Suddenly I was UNWRAPPING Seasons 2 and 3--gifts I had purchased for Allison for Christmas! I opened them and watched EVERY SINGLE EPISODE...then, re-wrapping of course and thanking her for my new friends, Meredith, Izzy, George and Derrick.
I think TV on DVD is brilliant. No waiting til next week. No missing a crucial episode. And they are there for you over and over.
I don't think I EVER cried as much as I did the night that, having lost Denny, Izzy laid on the bathroom floor in her prom dress--CRAP--I have tears in my eyes right now!
Oh, I agree, dear friend. It's as REAL and POETIC as my tears for Miss Havisham telling Pip of her long lost love who may return today.
Dickens has nothing on McDreamy.
Bring on the next episode. Gratefully, they just keep coming.

TS Harrison said...

I'm not sure about Grey's Anatomy, but after about a year of being passed around all three seasons of Veronica Mars have been returned to me. That's was a great show. Perfect Netflix material.
I'm also in the middle of Battlestar Galactica (at the risk of exposing my nerd flag) which is turning out to be an amazing series.

Allie said...

I 100% agree that Veronica Mars is excellent Netflix material. In fact - don't waste your Netflix on it...get Tudors on Netflix and borrow my VM. I'm telling you - you'll fall in love with Kristen Bell and be obsessed with King Henry VIII (he's a total creep, but that's beside the point).

I have a bunch more you should/could do - just ask and we'll talk TV. I'm not obsessed by any means, but it's definitely a good way to wind down after a long day.