Friday, November 13, 2009

Check it Twice!

My birthday's in exactly one month, and Christmas isn't long after that! So I thought I'd provide you with a gift guide, not only to ensure that I get what I want, but, more importantly, to help make your shopping experience easier.

Here's what I really need:

Opera glasses. These are so cute and much more dainty and practical than lugging my dad's binoculars to the theater.

Gossip Girl season 2. Even better than season 1, this show is so dramatic and ridiculous...and I can't get enough. I love the aesthetics of the show--the clothes, the architecture, the New York landscape. Add a stellar cast and well-written dialogue, and you have the ingredients for a great show. "Sew much to do necklace"--I mean, it's a sewing machine. On a necklace. Why wouldn't you want this? It's just sew cute...
J'adore by Dior--This isn't even a new scent, but I just discovered it last month. When I first smelled this perfume on a friend, I wanted to nuzzle my face into her neck. It's scrumptious!
Novel Destinations--the perfect gift for bibliophiles who love traveling, this is a guide to over 500 literary sites across America and Europe.
Starbucks gift cards--easy and practical.

What do you want for Christmas?


Michal said...

I'll take the sewing machine necklace from ya once you've gotten it for your birthday... or from Santa... Thanks Dude!

OR.... (drumrol please): I can actually SEW YOU something! I'm not kidding... bought a sewing machine a few weeks ago.... And I'm looking for models... :)

Julie Hibbard said...

You are the best. Love this post. Hope you get every single thing that you desire.
Me? I just want to find the love of my life. He's gonna be such a lucky guy...wonder why he's not here yet?

Randy said...

awesome! do you ever feel like you get jipped with your birthday being so close to Christmas? I know I do... do you have a relative that would always just give you your birthday present at Christmas and really it was a Christmas present disguised as a birthday present.. yeah got those too.

my list:
Stand up Gun Safe (im partially a red-neck)
Angels season tickets
an automatic seat post for my mountain bike
socks (black)
Peet's gift card (so much better than Starbucks, believe it!)