Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Autumn Mix

No, not that autumn mix…

Below you will find an incredible playlist for autumn, courtesy of a friend of mine whose knowledge of “good” music far surpasses my own. (Note the lack of Disney-signed artists.) It’s a great, mellow mix (but not too emo) for crisp fall nights, reading at Starbucks, or taking a weekend roadtrip. I love every single song on here and am enjoying listening to it so much that I had to share!

Behold! The Autumn Mix. Enjoy!

1. Sweet Dream--Greg Laswell
2. Why Georgia--John Mayer
3. At The Stars--Better Than Ezra
4. Comes And Goes (In Waves)--Greg Laswell
5. You Belong To Me--Lifehouse
6. Sweet and Low--Augustana
7. Wash Away--Joe Purdy
8. Off I Go--Greg Laswell
9. Say It To Me Now--Glen Hansard
10. For the Windows in Paradise F--Sufjan Stevens
11. Vienna--The Fray
12. I Found a Reason--Cat Power
13. No One’s Gonna Love You--Band of Horses
14. Don’t Forget to Breathe--Alexi Murdoch
15. 3X5--John Mayer
16. Warning Sign--Coldplay
17. The Blower’s Daughter--Damien Rice
18. Orange Sky--Alexi Murdoch

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