Monday, June 2, 2008

What's in a Name??

I must confess…I love thinking of baby names. NOT that I’m planning on having a child any time soon…I just love thinking of names. One of my friends thinks I should just sign my future children up for therapy right now because my taste is a little out of the ordinary. I don’t think they’re that bad, though. Here are some of my ideas:

Ireland Poe
Scout Emerson
Harper Finn
Liesel Rain
Kirsten Jo
Charlotte Grace
Lucy Belle

Wyatt Huck
Eli Drew
Dorian Wesley
Nolan Bennet
Ronan Cody
Ian Wesley
Liam Luke

I don’t think these names are too weird, do you? To keep strangeness to a minimum, there are a few rules that I do like to follow when thinking of names:

1. Make sure names are obvious to pronounce; they should sound the way they’re spelled. Phonetic ambiguity is not good. (The only examples I could think of were people I actually know, so I will not give any, but this is self-explanatory.)

2. Do not spell names in a ridiculous manner. There is no need to complicate simply spelled names for the sake of creativity or cutesyness; find a less permanent outlet for that. Examples: Chymberlee/Kimberly, Leighsa/Lisa, Tiphanie/Tiffany, Rhyon/Ryan, Jaxon/Jackson, etc.

3. Frivolous punctuation such as hyphens and apostrophes should be avoided. Omit needlessness. Examples of how to NOT rock punctuation in names: Sha’awn, Ky’Lee, Jaz’Myne.

Name ideas that I think are cool, but need to be moderately followed:

1. Place names. Dakota, Winona, Montana, London, Phoenix, Brighton, Indiana, etc.

2. Presidential names. Madison, Reagan, Monroe, Kennedy, etc. (I think many of these work better as middle names.)

3. Names that reflect one’s heritage (only when above rules apply). I love strong German names like Kurt, Heidi, Gretel, and Han.

4. Alliterative names. Lisa Leslie, Jack Johnson, Peter Parker, Amy Adams, etc.

Once I marry and possibly become a more sensible person, my taste in names might change. Until then, it’s pretty fun thinking about them!


Jessica Jenkins said...

These are great names Lisa! My sister is pregnant with my little niece (can't tell you how excited I am) and her name is Elaine Marie and we're calling her Lainey for short. Elaine and Marie are family names from both sides. Family names are good too. I can totally see your kids having these names, regardless of your future husband is.

Julie Hibbard said...

The MOST important thing is the LAST name!! You're GREAT if your last name is Smith or Jones.
But my maiden name is DiLallo.
How does Dakota DiLallo sound?
I LOVE Harper--Jake Rutenbar just named his daughter this! (After Ben!)
LOVE Scout!!
All my life I wanted to name my daughter Allison. Zac was just to make it A and Z. The first and last. Plus, it was three sylabels, like Allison, so it goes well together.
This is one of my pet peeves--people whose kids' names don't go together! Like: Hansel and Lucy or Harper and Mike. You know??

SANNIE said...

I have to totally agree with you that I think of baby names too. I've had favorites since high school. I hate it when my baby name is popular. I want to be unique!
I like the alliteration names. Smart thinking. :)

The Bakers said...

I do love this blog. I frequently ask Brad to play the "if we had another baby right now, what would it be?" game. Several of those were on our list. . .:) Hope I get to be there to come see the little one when it is born. :)