Sunday, April 1, 2012


For MONTHS, I have felt sick on-and-off with headaches and stomach issues and cramping, sometimes bad enough to force me to miss a meeting or class. Things were not normal, to say the least. I was pretty sure the problem was diet-related, but since my palette is as refined as a picky five-year-old's, it was tough trying to figure out what type of bland food would have such an adverse effect on my body. I just don't really eat hostile food...what was the deal?!

I did a little detox on my poor body--minimal amounts of gluten/dairy/sugar, nothing greasy or fatty, no coffee or caffeine (yeah, I almost died), and no artificial sweeteners. Then, I figured it out. The last three times I felt the most sick were times I drank iced tea...with Splenda. It's Splenda, guys. Splenda makes me terribly sick.

I haven't had Splenda or any artificial sweeteners in over a month and I have had virtually no stomach issues and no headaches! The weird thing is that I didn't even consume that much Splenda before. It only took 3 packets in a whole day to feel horrible.

Since this discovery, I have been more conscious about what I eat and drink across the board. Splenda was the big culprit, but I've realized my stomach is sensitive to certain foods. It's not about losing weight or dieting or anything like's just to feel normal and healthy, and it's what I need to do now. I'm not a crazy strict health nut or anything, but I have cut a lot of unhealthy stuff out of my diet, drink tons of water, and even drink less Starbucks and caffeine. And my Diet Coke drinking days are over...forever. No more artificial sweeteners!

So there you near-death experience from sucralose.

Switching gears...sorry for the dearth of blogging and complete dropping-the-ball on the remix (and with only six outfits left! Shame!) These things will be remedied immediately!

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Julie Hibbard said...

Good for you for taking the time to figure it out! Most people (MOST PEOPLE) stay sick or just think that's how life is OR find a 'pill' to make them feel better.
I am a 100% believer in diet making all the difference in the world.
SO glad you are feeling better!! Can't wait to see more blogs!