Tuesday, February 21, 2012

30 For 30 Remix, Day 24: Red Lipstick

Flats and top: GAP, cardigan: Forever 21, bag: LV, jeggings: Old Navy, pearls and shades: The Limited, earrings: Nordstrom, red cream lip stain: Sephora brand.

Red lipstick is terrifying. How did no one prepare me for this? I have only worn lip color this bold in the safety of my own home. But in front of people? Yikes. Existing in a perpetual state of fear during pleasant exchanges with people that require smiling or, like, talking, is no way to live. I'm afraid that the red stain has smeared all over my teeth, creating the effect that I have just eaten roadkill. Not. Cute.

However, it photographs well, doesn't it? And for the purposes of my blog, that's what really matters. My friend said I looked "very Chanel" today, so I'll just cross that off my list of life goals. Still, I am not totally on board with red lips. What about you?

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Julie Hibbard said...

You are so adorable in ALL of your outfits! If you EVER decide to have a garage sale, let me know! I love so many of these cute pieces!