Tuesday, January 24, 2012

30 For 30 Remix, Day 10: Love at First Sight

Mustard skirt: Anthropologie, black shirt: Forever 21, necklace: Anthropologie, shades: The Limited, bracelet: Tiffany & Co., ring: souvenir from Ireland, heels: Coach, bag: LV.

I don’t usually LOVE stuff when I buy it. I'm rarely swept off my feet by things when I'm shopping. I take forever in dressing rooms and often try stuff on more than once before buying it. I think about my purchases waaay too long and still return a very high percentage of things that I've bought.

But this necklace…it was love at first sight.

I saw it on a dress form at Anthropologie around Christmastime, but didn’t buy it because it was $60. After I looked for it online and saw that it was sold out, I immediately regretted not buying it when I had the chance.

So I went back the next week during a lunch break and ran into a friend whose sister works at an Anthropologie in Mississippi. She gets a 25% employee discount. So she stood in line with me and helped me get the necklace.

Turned out there was a special promotional discount for employees and I ended up getting the necklace for 40% off. So lucky!

Love…and a bargain? Yes, please.

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