Monday, November 7, 2011

The Wish List Is Here!

It's tradition: time for the annual wish list. And since my birthday and Christmas are coming, I've made sure it's a substantial one. I'm thoughtful like that. (You're welcome!) Here it is:Anthropologie gift card. Every December 26th I head to my favorite Anthro store in L.A. and hit the sales. Help my shopping endeavors? Bedhead After Party. This product makes your hair smooth, shiny and smell delicious. Like candy, seriously. It's kind of magical. I'm just saying. Find it at Target for about $20.

In the past, my wish lists have consisted almost exclusively of books. But I actually have so many books now that I don't have room for many more! I want this book though--Common Sense by Thomas Paine. I've never read it, have wanted to for a long time, and don't own it. Paperback, please.

J'adore by Dior. I love perfume and wear it every day. But I have fickle olfactory issues and don't usually stick to one scent for very long. However, this is the one perfume that I have consistently adored (get it?) for the longest time. I get so many compliments when I wear it. I'm out and need another bottle. Find it at department stores.Is this not the cutest ornament you've ever seen?! I found this on my friend Erin's list and definitely had to add it to mine. (We are both macaron connoisseurs.) Find it online at Sur la Table for $9.95. (Pink, please.)

Oh, goodness. Isn't this Marc by Marc Jacobs bag beautiful? I try not to rub my face on it when I see it at Nordstrom. It's the Classic Q--Natasha Crossbody Flap Bag in faded aluminum. Oh, and it's $368. (Womp, womp...)

This is Lancome Hypnose Doll Lash Mascara. I'm obsessed with mascara and unlike every other makeup product, I retain no loyalty to mascara and am always trying new ones. This looks great. Find it at Nordstrom or Sephora for $25.Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Night moisturizer. Okay, don't laugh at me. I'm almost 30, and while the impending threat of wrinkles is real, I actually read that this product reduces redness and splotchiness, which is why I really want it. My bare skin is not cute. I ran into a friend at Target once and she asked me if I was sick. No, no, I was not. I just was not wearing makeup. Find it at Target or Neutrogena's website for about $20.Starbucks gift cards...because those nonfat 2-pump vanilla lattes don't pay for themselves, do they?

Tiffany & Co. silver anchor necklace. How cute would this go with a striped top and the Sperrys I'm supposed to not know that Nathan is getting me for Christmas?! Find it at Tiffany's for $200.

There you have it! What do you want for Christmas?

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