Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Das Boots

Scarves, boots, and snuggly sweaters...fall fashion is the greatest. Yet, although I am an adept at shopping, boots had always been the one item I couldn't seem to get a handle on. Like fedoras (or as I call them, "cool-girl hats"), the endless styles, shapes, and colors of this particular type of footwear had paralyzed me from ever purchasing any. Heeled or flat? Slouchy or structured? Brown, gray, or black? Buckled or Zippered? Ankle or knee-high? These are all serious decisions. How is a girl to choose that one perfect pair?

And then, I found them. (Or did they find me?!) At Target. For about thirty bucks.

Although the men in my life have given them mixed reviews (Dad: "Oh, ready for that excursion to the Australian outback, I see..." Nathan: "Finally, a place to keep your blaster, young Jedi..."), my stylish girlfriends have confirmed their cuteness, as does the feeling I experience when I wear them with, oh, everything.

Cue Nancy Sinatra. These boots are going to do a lot of walkin' this fall...

1 comment:

Erin Brady said...

These are a little bit amazing and I'm sad I didn't find them first.