Monday, June 13, 2011

Just Coffee

Last year, a boy asked me out. A boy asked me out. A boy asked me out!

I was taken aback by his out-of-the-blue, to-the-point phone call. Taken aback...but appreciative and impressed enough to suppress my hesitation and accept his invitation.

Our first date was a year ago today. I met up with him at church; he played drums with the worship band and then sat with me during the service. Note: It's very awkward sitting next to someone you're interested in at church when you don't know them well. It's not like you can talk or anything. I tried to listen to the message, but his presence was mostly what I was focused on. I also flipped my bangs out of my eyes a little more than necessary...

After church, we went to the Spectrum and he bought me a coffee at Barnes and Noble. A cute boy treated me to a coffee, my very favorite thing. (How did he know?!) So far, so good...but I was nervous and not sure that we'd have much to talk about. I was just hoping I'd be calm enough to remember to laugh and be myself...and remember his name. (I called him Evan twice...yeah, that would be his brother's name...)

Turned out, we actually did have a lot to talk about, and we talked for a long time. Just coffee...that's how it started. And we haven't stopped talking since...