Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Five Days

Things to do before I leave Monday:

Call my credit card company and tell them I’m traveling so they don’t cancel my stupid card like they did in London when I was trying to buy a Rosetta Stone shaped backpack at the British Museum and my card was declined and I still, to this day, do not own a Rosetta Stone backpack.

Go to the bank.

Update iTunes playlists.

See Midnight in Paris.

Clean bathroom.

Clean room.

Finish up work stuff.

Will my back to stop hurting.

Go to AT&T store and ask about international calls.

Get a mani/pedi.

Go to Target to buy little travel things.

Narrow down my book selections to two. Eh...three.


1 comment:

Julie Hibbard said...

Did you SEE Midnight in Paris? YOU will love it...perfect for an avid traveler and READER!