Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Things I Did Last Month But Was Too Lazy To Post About Until Now

Alright, so last month I actually did do a little more than just walk through a spider web. Here are some other things that happened. I…

Went to Red Hill Lutheran Church’s Good Friday service. I go every year with my best friend and love it. It’s such a different worship experience from what I am used to. You sing from hymn books, kneel to pray, and sit in pews. The priest wears a robe and the windows are made of beautiful stained glass. Every Good Friday, they recite the events in the Gospel of John leading up to the crucifixion of Jesus. After each reading, lights are dimmed until the death of Jesus, and the service ends in somber darkness. The only source of light in the dark little church is a candle symbolizing Jesus that a pastor walks out of the church. It is brought back in on Easter morning. The resurrection is so much more glorious when you remember that Jesus suffered and died and was in a tomb for three days. It was a great service.

Saw a naked man. Yep. You read that right. I saw a strange play called “Completeness,” making its world debut at the wonderful South Coast Repertory last month. I love SCR and see tons of plays there, but this might have been my least favorite. The play is a 21st-Century romantic comedy about two nerdy grad students, a molecular biologist and a computer scientist. Unfortunately, esoteric science talk was substituted for actual wit, I didn’t sympathize with either of the main characters, and there were "technical glitches" that were actually not glitches but part of the play, which I guess was supposed to be avant-garde, but just came off as gimmicky. Anyway, there was a scene where the two main characters sleep together, and they stripped down. Now, being an art history major, I’ve seen a lot of nudity in art and know that it has its place, but this was just unnecessary. Yikes.

Met Tina Fey! NO BIG DEAL! She is currently on a book tour promoting “Bossypants,” and did an interview at the Nokia Theater in L.A. with Steve Martin and then a book signing afterwards. And yes, she is just as sweet, funny, and charming as you think she is. Meeting her was a bit of a letdown because it was so quick and no photos were allowed, but still. I met Tina Fey. Yep.

Went to the fanciest buffet ever. On Easter, Boyfriend’s parents took us to brunch at the St. Regis in Monarch Beach. This buffet was so magnificent that I felt I should have trained or made a game plan beforehand. We were seated and given exceptional coffee and the best orange juice I’ve ever tasted. The buffet included an incredible dessert selection (my biggest regret was not starting there), a carving table, Indian food, Chinese food, an omelette station, pancake station, all kinds of salads and breads, fancy cheeses and fresh fruits, crepes, beautiful pastries, and tons of other food. I was floored. And my favorite part was the desserts, obvi. They had macaroons. Like, the same kind of macaroons I pay $2 each for at the Spectrum. I definitely shoved a few in my purse for later. (Don’t worry, I was discreet….keeping it classy.) It was incredible, incredible…

Slipped and fell on my butt in a restaurant. Remember when Tai from Clueless falls down the stairs coming into that dance party, and then says, “Now all night I’m going to be known as ‘that girl who fell on her butt.’”? Well…I literally lived that moment. At least four people asked me if I was okay, which I was, save for the humiliation that it caused my soul. This fall was epic. It was one of those scenes that was very cinematic, like slipping-on-a-banana-peel kind of falling. I'm pretty sure the music stopped and every head turned around. I’m just glad I’m not sixty and recovering from hip-replacement surgery right now.

So, yeah...that was last month. Good times, no?

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