Monday, January 31, 2011

Hometown Pride

My sweet friend Kylie calls my neighborhood the Hundred Acre Wood, because I live among about a billion eucalyptus trees. In the summertime, the breeze gently whispers through their leaves. And in the winter--well, a lot of them clunk over into the street when it rains (shallow roots, you see.). Still, they give Lake Forest a unique beauty.
The trees were planted in the late 19th Century because there was a lumber shortage in California at the time. In the woods behind my house where I used to help my big brother build tree houses when we were kids, you can still see perfectly straight rows of planted trees.
Want to learn more fun facts about my great hometown?
Check out The O.C. Gazette's February issue for my article on the history of Lake Forest.
I love the Gazette and am already working on my next assignment for them. I think I'll try typing up my next article. Real journalists use typewriters, right?


Kylie Wikle said...

They should add "blog shout outs" to the list of different Love Languages because that's definitely one of mine. Good job on the article, bug!

I Love Ski Jumping said...

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