Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Happy Feet

I so wish I could be one of those girls who could prance effortlessly around all day in five-inch heels. I love heels. Well, I love the look of them, anyway. They obviously create the illusion of height and slenderness, but they also effect gait, posture, and even demeanor. You can’t feel ho-hum in heels.

However, I am not biologically capable to Sarah Jessica Parker around. Not even for short distances, like from my car to the office. First of all, I’ve lived with chronic back pain for over a decade, and stilettos have adverse effects on the spine. Second, I have a hard enough time not stumbling or running into things with both feet firmly on terra firma (the firma, the betta! Ha…Latin joke!). And, third, let’s be honest…I’m just not cool enough to wear heels except on New Year’s Eve and at weddings.

The great news is that flats are so stinkin cute these days. You can get them in whatever colors, textures, bells, and whistles you want. Today, I bought these from Nordstrom (half yearly sale…what?!). I want to lick these sparkly shoes...they glisten like the glaze on a Krispy Kreme! I’m still flat-footed, ungraceful as ever, and barely 5’4”, but my toes are twinkling, and so is my smile.


Natalie Cherish said...

Uh I adore you!

Julie Hibbard said...

I have never worn heels one day in my life. I have a whole lot of cute flats and lots of rainbow sandals. And I'm 5'2...
we'll leave the heels to Sarah Jessica...and Allison.