Sunday, June 20, 2010

Water IS Best

I love Diet Coke. It's so delicious and refreshing. And Coke is so American. How can you not love a glass of Coke with a slice of pizza, a big plastic $5 cup of Diet Coke at a ballgame with peanuts, or a frosted glass of soda served with lime to accompany your chips and salsa at a Mexican restaurant? I mean, what else would you even order?!

It was only when I realized I craved soda after a workout or super late at night that I thought, "Hmm, this is not healthy." I decided that for the month of June, a month full of baseball and barbecues, I would challenge myself to not drink any soda.

So I haven't had any soda since May 31st. I've been drinking a lot of iced teas (Bagels and Brew's is delicious!) and a ton of water, and although it hasn't even been that long, I notice the difference in my overall health. My muscles feel less fatigued when I work out, I just feel better, and my skin even looks healthier. I'm hesitant to say I won't ever touch the stuff again, but I certainly won't ever return to the habit of daily soda drinking.

I took this picture of the Temperance statue when I visited Bath in 2008--a city known for the healing qualities of its mineraled water. I should have listened to it...water really is best!!


Julie Hibbard said...

SO interesting. I didn't drink Diet Coke for a couple of weeks and truly started feeling better. I have had it again the last couple of days and have actually had a head ache most of wonder!
Back to water tomorrow. I will never swear it off either--water does not go with pizza or hot dogs...but I'm cutting WAY down!

季玉 said...

Keep in contact. Good Luck..................................................