Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Forever Friend

Disneyland 2009.

Watson's Drugstore, Orange; 2008.

Washington D.C. 2007.

Stonehenge 2008.

Seattle 2009.

New York, heading to Liberty Island; 2007.

The Getty Center, Los Angeles; 2009.

Dress-up time in Alaska, 2009.

Heading to Westminster Abbey. London, summer 2008.

Skagway, Alaska and Canadian border; summer 2009.

Heading to Trafalgar Square. London, summer 2008.

My sweet friend Riley has a fun "Spotlight" featured on her blog every so often, where she posts about "something I love or a friend or something great." So I wanted to do a spotlight feature of sorts on my friend Hayley. A fellow Anteater (ZOT! ZOT!), I met her through a friend during our undergrad years at UCI and for a while she was only "Amy's friend, Hayley." But Hayley has become a cherished friend over the years and we've had many adventures together. We love museums, ancient history, reading books and having opinions about them, and drinking coffee together.

Her house, my house, church; over dinner, lunch, Golden Spoon or Starbucks; wherever it is, great conversation is effortless. Sometimes it's about jobs or boys, family or friends, the meaning of life, what happened last night, breaking a nail or breaking up. Sometimes it's at noon, sometimes at midnight, by e-mail or phone or face to's always heart to heart.


Hayley said...

I love you and you are making me cry! It doesn't take fortune teller to know that when we're 80 we will still be best friends and our passports will be full of stamps!

Julie Hibbard said...

Wow...what great trips...what great places...what great memories!!! And what an amazing friendship!!!
Lisa, you really have a wonderful life!

Jessica said...

Your blog popped up on my Google Alerts today (I assume because my book, THE SUMMER OF NAKED SWIM PARTIES, is on your list of books), but can't resist telling you how sweet the photos of you and your friend are. So nice that you travel together regularly in spite of being "grown up," having families, spouses, etc. You're lucky to have each other as friends!

Lisa Marie said...

Thank you, Jessica! I loved your book! Two of my friends read it after I recommended it to them...they also really enjoyed it! Any way I can get my copy signed?

Kata Wagner Berg said...

You has been many places.
Friendship is important,take care of her!

Marry Christmas!