Monday, November 9, 2009

Yogurt Culture

A couple of weeks ago after Crave, I had a hankering for some frozen yogurt. I prefer Golden Spoon to every other yogurt place…it’s just delicious and classic and they have never disappointed me. But Golden Spoon was closed that night, and I wouldn’t be denied a delicious frozen treat (or dinner!), so I reluctantly headed across the street to Cherry on Top. (You know, the place with red spoons instead of golden ones…stupid.)

This excursion reminded me of why I loathe serve-yourself yogurt places. First, have you noticed that they all adhere to some strange rule that only atrociously uncomfortable quasi-space age décor may be used? Plastic molded chairs and furniture that looks like plastic bubbles? Are you kidding me? I understand that I might not be the target demographic for a frozen yogurt place located 200 yards from a high school, but the static, uncomfortable atmosphere pretty much deters me from spending any more time in there than necessary.

Second…I hate swirling my own yogurt. I have never developed any yogurt swirling skills, nor do I desire to, unless I’m being paid. I’d prefer to purchase yogurt from an establishment that will provide me with a perfectly swirled little cup of frozen yogurt. We all know that pretty food tastes better.

Third, why are the cups at these places, even the smallest sizes, so huge?! These small buckets encourage me to pay for a ton more yogurt that I won’t finish and have to pay for. I’ve never eaten anything larger than a small size at Golden Spoon.

Fourth…do-it-yourself candy toppings? That can’t be sanitary, especially when taking into account the number of young, grubby hands that have probably infested those crushed Oreos and gummy worms with H1N1 and the like. If I want to eat things that have been touched by other people, I’ll go to the salad bar at Sizzler.

I mean, would you ever choose this....

over this?!

Golden Spoon, you will always have my heart.

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