Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Snot Very Fun Being Sick...

Here’s the thing—I know when I write, my flair for the dramatic sometimes comes out, and I let it, for the purpose of entertaining. That being said, I’m hesitant to attempt to describe how I’ve felt this week for fear that you’ll think I’m exaggerating...because I'm not.

As I type this, I am in bed, wrapped in a pink Snuggie, fighting the flu; symptoms hit me on Halloween night. And while I know I didn’t exactly stare death in the face or overcome some exotic disease…I have felt like death since Saturday.

Every part of my body has hurt for the last three and a half days. The balls of my feet hurt. My eye sockets hurt. My teeth hurt. I was sweating with fever and shivering with chills for three and a half days. I’d be hungry, sip two spoonfuls of soup, and feel nauseated for four hours. My muscles ached and I was so weak, I could barely take a shower. I was bedridden; I couldn’t even sit up for more than five minutes. Today was the first time since Halloween that I’ve been outside (I slowly walked around the block to just get some exercise). The hacking cough and snotty nose were the least of my problems.

Today I finally turned the corner, although I am still very sick. I ate a whole bowl of soup and my amazing brother even bought me a java chip Frappuccino (oh, God, bless him). My mind is lucid again…I’m coming back!

I don’t think I’ve ever been so sick. I can’t wait to straighten my hair, dress up for work, head back to the office and Crave, see friends, and eventually get back in the pool.

I am so thankful to be getting over this nasty virus, so thankful for my awesome parents for taking care of me, and I can’t wait to be fully healthy again!

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Julie Hibbard said...

I am so sorry that you were so very sick Lisa! Interestingly, I tell people that I was VERY sick (with feelings, thoughts and symptoms similar to yours) only once in my life. And it was for about a full week. I will NEVER forget thinking, "Oh my gosh, THIS is what SICK feels's awful!!
That was probably 15 years ago and, though I have had the occasional head cold, NOTHING has ever hit me like that one week.
Here's hoping the same thing happens to you.