Monday, November 16, 2009

Mad for Magazines

Contrary to what my roommates (a.k.a. my parents) might say, my room isn’t that messy. What really creates the clutter is the scattered magazines all over the floor and haphazard stacks of periodicals everywhere. If those towers of magazines toppled over, they could smother me to death. I subscribe to a ton of magazines, and they pile up fast, especially since some of them arrive in my mailbox weekly.

The only problem with my love of magazines is the pileup. When the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly or InStyle comes in, rarely does the last issue hit the trash. I can’t ever just throw a magazine away. I always, always have to flip through it one more time before I throw it away, no matter how old it is. It’s quite a consuming task…

I have to tear out the pages with beautiful photos for that huge collage I’m planning on making someday, check out the movie reviews for films I’ll never see, rip out the recipes that I’ll probably never try, and re-read the interviews and articles about people I don’t know or even really care about. I also usually have a notepad by my side, to write down things like “visit Palihouse Hotel in West Hollywood,” “go to,” “add Trueblood to Netflix,” or “look up ‘erudite.’” I can’t just throw away the tips, pics, and info!

Magazines are so much fun. There’s one for every interest and demographic! I love the fashion ads, smelling the perfume samples, punny article titles, and the glossy pages. I definitely get the most out of my subscriptions.

What are your favorite magazines?


Jessica Jenkins said...

I love magazines too! I'm big into trading though, so if you ever want to get together and do a swap, I'd be all for it. My favorite is probably Lucky Magazine, then Instyle. I also love the free catalogs you can get from J Crew and Anthropologie... I could covet my way through those all day long. Love them!

Lauren said...

LISA, this furthers my theory that we are in fact the same person. every aspect of this post. hahaha