Monday, October 19, 2009

Well...That Was Awesome!

This is embarrassing to admit, but until this month, I hadn’t gone to the dentist in…wait for it…over four years. No X-rays, buzzing dental tools, dreaded cleanings, or gentle scolding. For years, I feared going back…I was certain I would be told I needed several root canals, my teeth were on the brink of falling out from some invisible mouth disease, and that I was a bad person for not flossing enough. (Okay…for not flossing at all.)

Putting something like this off for so long is unacceptable and isn’t like me. I mean, I am a hygienic person and a responsible adult. What’s the big deal about going to the dentist? I guess my fear-driven procrastination caused me to put “go to dentist” at the bottom of my to-do list. And there it stayed…for far too long.

Earlier this year, while I stood in line with my friends at Disneyland, dentist appointments came up. (We talked about normal, cool stuff, too. I promise.) My friend told me I have to go to his dentist. “You’ll love him—he’s like a grandpa.” (Note: My grandpa has the shakes and his fingers are the size of sausages—not qualities I desire in a dentist. Nonetheless, I understood the simile.)

Three months later (Hey, slow progress is still progress!), an appointment was made. Two weeks later, I found myself in Dr. Hahn’s office. I expected to hear screams from the back rooms and to see people walking out covered in blood. “We lost another one,” I thought I’d hear someone say. But no…no. All I heard was Kenny G. There were Highlights magazines and photos of nice looking people on the walls with very white smiles and well-groomed hair. They looked so happy. This place was legit.

After some X-rays and major plaque scraping, the report was in: My teeth were “gorgeous.” (His words!) The staff was glad I was there, and they were so genuine and kind and caring. I believe Dr. Hahn even gave me a high-five. A high-five…for me! The prodigal!

Overall the experience was downright pleasant. I even got a goody-bag and an orange toothbrush (how did they know?!). So may this be an encouragement to any of you hesitant dentist appointment-makers. I only wish I had gone sooner. Coffee stains are gone, rest is assured, and the proverbial slate, and literal teeth, are clean. And gorgeous…did I mention that?


Julie Hibbard said...

Is he single?
I LOVE the dentist! Feels so good afterward!!! :)

Allie said...

I haven't gone in LONGER than 4 years - I need Dr. Hahn's number!


I'm just as scared as you!