Wednesday, October 28, 2009

...But He Wasn't a Bro All the Time...

Time's sea hath been five years at its slow ebb,

Long hours have to and fro let creep the sand,

Since I was tangled in thy beauty's web,

And snared by the ungloving of thy hand.

And yet I never look on midnight sky,

But I behold thine eyes' well-memoried light;

I cannot look upon the rose's dye,

But to thy cheek my soul doth take its flight;

I cannot look on any budding flower,

But my fond ear, in fancy at thy lips,

And hearkening for a love-sound, doth devour

Its sweets in the wrong sense: -Thou dost eclipse

Every delight with sweet remembering,

And grief unto my darling joys dost bring.

Okay, so...I've been reading Keats lately. It's because I saw the film Bright Star last week and it inspired me to bust out some verse.
Yes, I just wrote "bust out some verse." So? I never said I was poetic...but I will say that this poem makes my heart feel like a melting ice cream cone. I wish I could see how this woman took her glove off! (Like, just her glove though...I don't know if Keats was referring to a little more than that. Am I still talking?)

If you enjoy anything smart, lovely, or English, you will like the film. See it!


Julie Hibbard said...

People actually FEEL that way towards others, don't they?
Yikes...I will gladly peel my glove off for someone who feels those things for me...
And shares them oh so poetically!

The OC Gazette said...

i love smarts, english and love! i need to go! lisa, you're funny. "am i still talking?" that would be your pullstring if you were a talking doll haha