Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Red + Blue

My parents and I are going to see the play "The Color Purple" in a couple of weeks, so I thought I'd read the book before we go. And I found a great word...

"I see a wagon and a great big man in black holding a whip. We sure do thank you for your hospitality. She laugh again, look at the horses flicking flies off they rump. Horsepitality, she say. And I git it and laugh."

Horsepitality! Get it?! See what she did there?! Anyone who has hung out with me for more than five minutes knows how much I love combining words in ridiculous ways that are typically not very funny. Alice Walker won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction, by the way! This is great stuff!

Josh Treece, after hearing about this horsepitality business, came up with a few of his own new words...he's on his way to a Pulitzer as well...

If she had been losing her voice, it would have been hoarsepitality.

If she would have been hanging out with prostitutes, it would have been whorespitality.

If she had been eating chocolate, marshmallows, and grahams, it would have been smorespitality.

If she had been doing tasks to earn money from her parents, it would have been chorespitality.

If she had been narcoleptic, it would have been snorespitality.

Oh, Josh...you're funny.


Allison Murray said...

dude....i saw that!!!
it's AMAZING!!!
ask bethany how much she likes it. its her favorite show. :)

David Hughes said...

haha...combining words is a rare gift....josh always excelled in class at this...

Cami(lle) said...

If she was playing golf, it would be "foooorespitality"

If she was with a lion, it would be "rooooarspitality"

If she was really involved in Crave, she'd be part of the "Corespitality"

That is all for now. My mind will continually be thinking of more, though!