Sunday, September 7, 2008

That's All

I want my thoughts to bathe in Heaven’s lights

I want wisdom to crown my head like a garland

I want beauty that is musical as a waterfall

I want my heart to be soft as flowers

I want my love to be dangerous

I want my dreams to sleep on a cloud of truth every night

I want my voice to be golden as happiness

I want my laugh to ornament the world with sincerity

I want to seek adventure like lost time

I want to throw my dreams in a rainbow for everyone to see

I want my faith to swallow my voice and echo to the world

I want my fear to be lost in all that God is

That’s all I want.


David Hughes said...

:) so cool.

ambrosia said...

me too...

TheBoyd said...

I want to be able to play the harmonica. That would be sweet.

The Bakers said...

Love this post, Lisa. :) The Bakers love Lisa Birle!!

sunshine said...

i love your blog.
and you.
a lot.

Amber Rusher said...

you're cool!!! and i tried that mascara you so amazingly posted about. love it!! love you!!