Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Pumpkin Day

My sweet friend Sara and I love orange, love fall, love pumpkins. We also love art and beautiful things. So, we dedicated a day to appreciating these things at the Getty and called it Pumpkin Day (original, right?). Unfortunately, it's a little difficult to appreciate fall when it's 85 degrees out, but we managed. So, what exactly did we do on Pumpkin Day??

First, we wore orange. Duh.

Then we sipped pumpkin spice lattes and ate pumpkin scones on our way to the Getty. Delicious!
We also celebrated in September. Pumpkin Day can't be in October. That's just cliche.

We took lots of artsy photos. Sara has a super fancy camera and we had loads of fun snapping pics all day.

A candid shot...

Sara is a real photographer, but I took this one of her. I love it.
When I'm not at the Getty, I think to myself "Why am I not at the Getty?" It's so fun, it's free, they have amazing food, their art makes my heart smile, they always have a fun exhibit happening, and I just have the best days there.

Happy Fall.


Cami said...

How fun! I have never been to the Getty. We should change that. :)

sunshine said...

i love all of these! they are so good!
and autumn is my favorite too.