Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Textual Activity

My horribly years-old, out-of-date cell phone plan does not include text messaging.

I know.

Unfortunately, since I exist in the now, this is a problem. Text messaging is a mode of communication that can no longer be financially supported by myself.

Please don't text me anymore! My TEXTING bill, just for sending and receiving text messages, was $25 this month. That's insane. That's, like, five chais. A new top. Half a tank of gas!

Just know that I'm not ignoring you if you don't get a text back from me. And if I do text you owe me twenty cents!!

New phone plans will be under investigation next week. Findings will be posted.

1 comment:

Andrew said...

Uhhh.... you should be able to just call them and say "Please add 1000 text messages to my plan for $10 a month please." It's quick, easy and will only take you 5 minutes including time on hold.