Saturday, July 26, 2008

Hammer Time!

Have you ever voted for a band on TRL? Come on, yes you have. Do you remember the very first episodes? No screaming fans. No fancy studio in Times Square. No Mariah Carey meltdowns. Just Carson Daly in a little black room with a TV next to him on a table, babbling about info on new artists and introducing them as their videos played? It was so great and I watched it every night to see who got the most votes. I voted a lot in the early days (For whom? Three blonde brothers from Tulsa, of course!).

I also watched Vh1’s Top 10 Countdown every weekend, hosted by A.J. Hammer. This was back when the Spice Girls ruled the world, and A.J. would always, without fail, ramble on and on about how Sporty Spice was his favorite Spice Girl. He would provide weird, personal information about her and just go on and on and on…seriously, his Spice Girls banter got real old, real fast, and became borderline-creepy.

One day I got online to vote, and in my e-mail, I wrote to Vh1, “What is up with A.J. talking about Sporty Spice all the time?! Seriously, get a life!” Kind of mean, but trust me; it was necessary.

The next week, there was a new host. NO more A.J. No more talk about Sporty.

Did I get A.J. Hammer fired?!

Honestly, I thought so. For years. So, it’s good to see that despite his obsession with Sporty, and his shirt color choices, and the fact that he was the spokesperson for the promotional tour of the Planet Hollywood board game, A.J. is currently hosting Showbiz Tonight. He even snagged an interview with Miley!

Way to go, A.J. Way to go.

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