Thursday, May 22, 2008

Great Ikea

Let's face it: Ikea is just a really fun store. I love looking at all the books that they've filled their Billy Bookcases with. I love the different configurations of rooms they come up with. I like the fun patterns and designs and lighting. I love how cheap their little candles and stuffed animals are. The kids' rooms are adorable. I lay down on every mattress I see to test its comfortability. Generally speaking, their furniture is reasonably priced. You could seriously just go there for a day, get lost, and have a good time.
But the best thing about Ikea is the cookies! These Ballerina and Singoalla cookies are, literally, like a dollar. They're Swedish, obvi, and they're so delicious! You'll feel like a criminal for paying so little for so much goodness! At first I was a Ballerina fan...the chocolate hazelnut cream is fantastic. But the pleasure that the Singoalla cookies bring to my mouth is even more's the texture of white cream filling, raspberry jam, and crunchy cookie. Did I mention they're A DOLLAR?
You are seriously missing out of you don't snag a few rolls of these babies next time you're at Ikea!!

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