Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Atlanta: The Conference

Last week the Small Groups Team flew to Atlanta to host WIRED, the Saddleback Small Groups Conference. If you ever wanted to know anything, anything, about small groups, you should have come!
The conference was held at Victory World Church, which was gorgeous. Here's a pic of the early crew from Saddleback with Catherine (left), Victory's director of events, and Pastor Richard Mace (right) with his wife, Jenny, in front of the cross at the church. The staff was the most friendly, hospitable, helpful group of people I have ever met in my life. I was so thrilled to have served alongside them, and the Saddleback team, for the week.

My role at the conference was production assistant. At the beginning of the week, I was given a minute-by-minute schedule of the conference, which changed, oh, EVERY MINUTE! (Note to anyone ever involved in a conference: STICK to the schedule! Haha.) I was grateful for a challenging role and even though it was stressful, everyone involved really worked together and there were only a couple minor glitches.

The coolest thing was hanging out with the young people involved with the Masters Commissioning program, a discipleship program with a huge commitment level! They weren't on staff at Victory, but volunteered their full days, for three days, just to help us out. What great servants! I also enjoyed hanging out with Russ Lee (above), our worship leader at the conference; the band, and all the conference speakers. (Being a P.A. means you get to hang out in the green room all day and meet great people!)

The conference week was super busy but we've gotten great feedback from many of the attenders. After the conference ended on Friday, Tina and I were able to stay through the weekend to have some fun! More on our activities to come!!

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Chris Poblete said...

awesome. did you get to hang out with lance witt much?