Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Rainbow Connection

Yesterday was a milestone day for a few non-native Californians on our team. A pilgrimage, if you will, that so many of us in Orange County are familiar with. I am, of course, talking about a trip to the Rainbow Sandal outlet in sunny San Clemente. The sign says "World's Best Made Sandals." They wouldn't lie.

This is our new intern, Ben, from India! Ben now knows that if you work at Saddleback Church, you need Rainbow Sandals. They're as important and ubiquitous as side-hugs. Tina, a southern belle who's been here for almost TWO YEARS, still hadn't gotten herself a pair. Clearly, a trip was necessary.

The store can be a bit overwhelming, but with some help from Clayton and Allison's daughters, I was able to find what I was looking for. (Ella almost talked me into buying some sandals with rhinestones on them. Girlfriend's got blingin' taste!)

Elizabeth (a native Virginian and proud owner of Rainbows): "I'm only going to buy a pair if I see the exact ones I want." Jackpot!!!

That's Tatum (aka Tater Tot), Ella, and Karis with Tina.

Tatum liked my black sandals.

It was a great day, and now we are an even more stylish team (who thought it was even possible?!).

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kyle. said...

i was hoping this post would have something to do with kermit the frog.
also, that place was way cooler before everyone started going there, not because i'm an elitist, but because the sandals were cheaper back then.