Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Five Things Every Girl Needs

A good journal. For prayers, poems, dreams, and secrets.

A passport. Because you never know when you'll need to go to Paris or Rome at a moment's notice.

One piece of special jewelry. It doesn't matter if it's a tin ring from a Cracker Jack box that your brother gave you at your first baseball game or a Tiffany necklace that your parents gave you at college graduation. What matters is that there is a special story behind it, one that is meaningful to you.

A really good hairdresser. Life is just too short not to have great hair.

Pride and Prejudice. Every girl needs to know Elizabeth Bennet.

1 comment:

SANNIE said...

I have 60% of your list. I need a good hairdresser. Actually, a hair cutter. My hair is curly most of the time you can't see any uneven ends and I rely on the chlorine to color my hair and highlight it.:)