Thursday, January 24, 2008

I'll be mission you...

My 2007 ended with a trip to beautiful Mission San Juan Capistrano with Mic and Jimbo. Mission San Juan Capistrano is called the "Jewel of the Missions" because it's generally considered the most beautiful of the 21 missions. I've only been to a couple of the others, but I'm inclined to agree. After a cold and dreary week in wintry Seattle, it was such a pleasure to experience a bright sunshiny day with friends in Southern California. We took hundreds of pictures! The amazing thing about this place is that you can totally suck at taking pictures, but the scenery is so gorgeous, your photos will still come out looking great!

This mission is the seventh of the 21 missions. It was founded in 1776 by Father Junipero Serra. He founded nine of the 21 missions. The first church here was built in 1777 and it still used today. It is considered the oldest church in California.

The central courtyard feels like paradise. Time slows down. Worries vanish. Life is peaceful.

I really liked Jim's Laguna Woods T-shirt.

Jim and Mic were fascinated by all the bees on the poppies.

So spy...

One of my favorite things about the mission is the bells. All four of them are named and were cast in Chile and used to hang in the Great Stone Church.

When you leave the mission there is a sign that has the old expression of goodbye, "Vaya Con Dios," which means "Go with God."


Jessica Jenkins said...

I think you knew this, but that's where Justin and I took our engagement pictures. Turned out so great!

kyle. said...

the other day my dad started an unprompted naming of the missions from south to north. i've been to most of them and san juan is my least favorite because i had to stand in the hot sun outside of it for hours while on a field trip in the fourth grade.