Saturday, December 1, 2007

Am I asking too much, dudes?

Yesterday it poured for most of the day. So of course, I could not find a parking spot close to Starbucks when I went for a mid-morning visit to get beverages for my co-workers.

I ended up parking not too far away, but far enough that it was a hassle with the weather being what it was. I parked at almost the exact same time as, and right next to, a man in a giant truck. And get this…he practically raced me to the door to make sure he got in line ahead of me so he could order his venti white chocolate mocha and chocolate-filled croissant.

Really, guy?

So I order, get my drinks, pop them all in a cardboard tray, and head out to my car, walking under the awning as far as I can to avoid the downpour. It’s a narrow awning; there’s only room for one person under there at a time. So I’m walking…both hands balancing a tray of three hot drinks, and a man is walking toward me. And…he doesn’t budge, forcing me to step out into the rain.

Really, guy?

Don’t lose faith, ladies. Although I was involved in two back-to-back lame-o incidents involving discourteous men, when I think about the guys in my life, my faith in the XYs is restored. The guys that I know are the greatest. They respect and protect me. They are caring and kind. I am blessed to have them in my life.

I know that chivalry is not completely dead. It's just...wounded.


TiNA said...

Can't believe I missed a Starbucks run!!! Oh well... You can get one for me next week ;)

Rain... not sure I want to come back to that. I am coming back with a cold and sprained back... so I should be in a great mood... if I even make it in on Monday.

Randy said...

Hey Lisa! I am glad to see your faith in chivalry is not dead!! Hopefully those comments in class last night didnt wound your thoughts any more... :-)

Lisa Marie said...

Actually I was very appreciative of your searching through the ice bucket for a Diet Coke for me...thanks Randy!!